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Specialist Coating Services

As well as cleaning and chlorination, on-going water treatment regimes and system monitoring can be provided. Internal and, if required, external painting of towers is available or, where appropriate, re-lining with specialist coatings. These services can also be applied to water storage tanks, such as system buffer tanks, and ‘domestic’ hot or cold water systems.

Albion Cooling Systems also provide a complete range of cooling products for new or replacement installations. These include counterflow (induced or forced draught) and crossflow open circuit cooling towers, closed circuit coolers and evaporative condensers. Most are available constructed from galvanised or stainless steel and GRP plastic. Dry air and adiabatic coolers and packaged air-cooled chillers can also be supplied, as well as a full range of ancillary products.

Albion Cooling Systems are an independent company with fully trained personnel having over thirty years expertise in a wide range of cooling systems and products. All work is carried out in accordance with relevant legislation and guidelines such as L8, and all appropriate documentation is provided. We offer our clients impartial advice based on best practice, health and safety requirements and the specific needs of each business. We support this with the ability and experience to provide the products and services to meet these demands, and a commitment to the standards of service that our clients deserve.