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Albion Cooling Systems are the exclusive UK sales Agent for System UVEX, the water management system for use with cooling towers and many other recirculating water systems. It is a primarily non-chemical water treatment system incorporating filtration and control of bleed (blowdown). The primary biocidal effect is provided by Ultra Violet disinfection, with a periodic controlled dosing of Bromine as a secondary biocide.

We offer highly effective systems that treat the water for cooling towers, water features and humidifiers as well as rainwater harvesting.

System UVEX ® :

  • Cleans the water in your cooling tower effectively and naturally.
  • Kills the bacteria with UV light, making your building safe without using multiple chemicals.
  • Controls the blow-down (or bleed cycle) and responds to the demands of the building in real time.

Innovation and excellence in water treatment

UVEX ® is an engineering solution to an engineering problem. It offers safe, clean, sustainable, cost-effective water treatment.

The benefits:

  • Uses highly effective UV technology for proficient water treatment
  • Scientifically proven to work to help prevent Legionnaires' Disease
  • Cleaner, ecologically-sound system
  • Quiet to operate
  • Low energy use
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low running costs
  • Self-adjusting in reaction to the demands of the building
  • Free from aggressive chemical cocktails that are costly to buy and unpleasant to handle
  • Uses minor, controlled bromine closes
  • Offers true duplex treatment to guarantee in-built back-up
  • Signal outputs for contentious real-time and historic monitoring
  • Is easy to maintain as it is a complete system
  • Option for recording discharge rate for waste water abatement charges.
  • Complies with HSG274 and L8.