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How the system works

The UVEX main inlet and outlet connections are piped into (opposite ends of) the tower sump with the suction at a low point to ensure good flow and maximum dirt removal. Water is drawn through the UVEX via a pump, through a sand filter and into the UV chamber before returning to the tower. The UVEX will filter to at least 25 micros and emit intense UV light into the water as it passes. The result is a clean and safe cooling tower.

The controlled dosing connections are connected to this main side-stream circuit, close to the UVEX cabinet, with the closing inlet and outlet teeing into the main UVEX inlet and outlet pipes. At a set time of the week, for a set period, the independent closing circulation pump operates to inject a controlled amount of bromine from the brominator into the tower water.

Information on system operation together with the condition of the water such as flow through the UV, UV intensity, water conductivity (for blow down), and redox are continually monitored and processed by the UVEX PLC, enabling aspects of tower water control to be adjusted to meet the changing demands of the building which the system is serving so ensuring effective and reliable operation.

System UVEX is available in several different models, each in various options.

There is a System UVEX option for any size or type of water cooling system and if necessary, models can be adapted to meet particular needs.

We can also supply complete side stream filtration packages to help keep the tower cleaner and to enhance the performance of traditional chemical dosing water treatment.

Other products available include Cyclonic Separators and Ultra Violet disinfection units for many other fluid applications.

Please contact us for further details of any of these products.